The History of Wireless

The History of Wireless:
How Creative Minds Produced Technology for the Masses
Author:    Ira Brodsky
Book Details:    250 pages, introduction plus 14 chapters
Trade paperback (6” x 9”)
Release Date:    February 5, 2008
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About the book:
The History of Wireless provides a comprehensive account of how innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs created today’s ubiquitous wireless products and services. It tells the whole story: from early scientific breakthroughs, to the invention of cellular telephones, to emerging technologies and the industries that are being born around them. The History of Wireless is sure to guide and inspire the next wave of innovators and entrepreneurs.

What’s inside:
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About the author:
Ira Brodsky has more than 25 years of experience in high-tech product development. He has served as a consultant to companies in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Ira Brodsky has chaired several industry conferences and is a sought-after speaker. He has been a regular contributor to industry publications such as Network World, America’s Network, Wireless Review and Telephony. The History of Wireless is his third book about wireless technology. Buy at Amazon / Buy at Barnes & Noble